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A Severe Lack of Pinwheels

Aranea is all done!  Unless I figure out a way to make a tiny Signless necklace, haha.

She’s my first plushie, so she’s not very good, but I think I did pretty well, save for her face.  I’ll likely put custom plushies up for sale once I have a little more experience making them!

She’s made out of felt, and her dress is fleece.  Her eyes are muslin, and I used fabric paint for the details.  Her glasses are pipe cleaners.  I made her shoes the wrong color, which is really annoying, argh.  I realized it too late.  Maybe I’ll make her little booties.

As you can see, she can stand up or sit down, and her arms are movable too.  She’s about 11” tall without her horns, and 13 1/2” with them.

Obviously not my best work, but I think she turned out pretty good, for my first attempt! :3